Aram Zucker-Scharff

More about our goals

The AIDS Quilt Initiative goes beyond just displaying the quilt here at Mason. To understand more about the goals of our group, here are some details.

AWARENESS Increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS at personal, societal and global levels

  1. To increase awareness about the nature and scope of HIV/AIDS on campus, locally, nationally, and internationally, particularly because Washington, DC has one of the highest rates of HIV in the nation.
  2. To promote greater understanding of needs, concerns, and issues associated with HIV/AIDS.
  3. To increase understanding about the important role of prevention with HIV/AIDS.

ENGAGEMENT Promoting collaborative relationships within and beyond the campus community

  1. To engage numerous groups, organizations, units with a sense of shared purpose with preparing, conducting and following up.
  2. To encourage participation with the surrounding community, including business, government, education and other organizations and individuals.
  3. To blend programmatic, academic and research initiatives.

REFLECTION Encouraging reflection about individual lives and societal responsibilities

  1. To provide an opportunity for remembrance of lives lost to HIV/AIDS, both personally and more generally, including grieving and life celebration.
  2. To encourage personal and group reflection about life choices.
  3. To highlight the importance of prevention, treatment, research and support for people living with AIDS.
  4. To foster organizational and societal review of current and past strategies and opportunities addressing HIV/AIDS.

COMMITMENT Demonstrating leadership and action at individual, group, institutional, and societal levels

  1. To demonstrate the university’s commitment for addressing this societal issue.
  2. To identify opportunities for involvement and action among individuals and groups.

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